Tips when building your new home

At Bickford Builders we are proud of the fact we are one of the first choices for customers when looking to build a new home in Solihull. Although it can be a daunting decision to make, building your own home and putting your own mark on a property is becoming increasingly popular in Solihull and surrounding areas.

Gaining planning permission is getting easier, especially with the targets the government have to supply new homes throughout the UK. That said we thought we would put down some tips for you to make the task a little easier for you.

Find your building plot

Finding the right plot can be time consuming, however this is vital to the success of any new builds in Solihull project! Taking your time at this stage is extremely important to ensure you don’t waste time on the wrong plot either location, price or permission wise. There are plenty of online resources to use to help you find your plot, from dedicated websites to the online estate agents. Even go in a speak to local estate agents to see if they are aware of any plots coming to market.

Arrange finance

Financing the purchase of the plot and build of the home is going to be one of the first points to arrange and have in place. Having finance already available will give you a higher chance of getting a bid accepted and speeds the process along, getting you closer to your dream home, quicker.

You can now arrange dedicated self build finance from many brokers around the UK. Most of them will work on paying out in stages, so funds are made available as the project is being constructed.

Set a realistic budget

As a self builders ensure you take a sensible approach to your budget, setting a realistic budget from the start will stand you in good stead to avoid any nasty surprises further into the project, at Bickford Builders Solihull we are more than happy to help our clients with any budgeting needs.

We always recommend a contingency, most of our clients will have a budget of around 10% of the value of the project for if anything goes wrong or any unexpected costs arise during the project. For example additional ground works or upgrading of finishes.

Choose a designer

We have very strong relationships with local architects and house designers, but be sure to choose someone who understands your requirements and that design something to fit with your budget.

Speak with the planning department

The earlier the contact you have with the planners the less time you will spend to figure out whether your project is possible. Most planning departments offer ‘pre-application advice’ and can give you a good indication as to whether your project is a starter.

They will give advise on what planners won’t accept in terms of style, size and any materials stipulations, mainly so that the new build is in keeping with the rest of the local area. This contact will make it easier for you to gain a positive response to your planning application submission.

Choose a builder

Obviously we would be bias and tell you to use us for the next new build project, however once again this is an important part of the process. The whole project success can rest on you choosing the right builder for the job.

Find out what other new build projects the builder has completed recently, does the build have testimonials or recommendations from former clients and just as important do you see you getting on with the builder. Most new builds can take 6-12 months to complete depending on the size so you will be working very closely for a long period of time with the chosen builder.

Get your paperwork in order

Before you progress with a project, it’s vital that you have the appropriate consents to build, including planning permission, building control approval and any special permissions.

You need to ensure you have got the right contracts, warranties and insurance in place. Even if your contractor already hold insurance policies, you’ll still need to take out specialist self build insurance to be sure the project is covered.

Prepare your plot

The first step in getting your project started is to have the site prepared for the building work. That means sorting the ground works. It can involve employing a tree surgeon to remove any trees or vegetation to a demolition company who specialise in leveling plots ready to build. Being a major new build contractor we are able to assist with all of these needs as well as arranging the drainage and the foundation pour.

Start building

Your home building project will normally be carried out in 5 stages: foundation work; getting the house wind and weather tight (roof on, windows and doors in); first fix (the initial services, electrical, carpentry and plastering); second fix (additional electrical work etc); and the final decoration.

Enjoy your dream home!

Once all work is complete and you have obtained you completions certificated you are all set to move in and enjoy your new home. As with any large project you will also need to ensure any small issues are dealt with as part of the snag list. This time is spent making sure you are happy with all aspects of the build and finishes and if you have chosen the correct builder shouldn’t be too time consuming.

Please feel free to contact us before embarking on a new build project. Call one of our dedicated new build specialists on 0121 705 1971 or use our contact form