House Prices in Solihull

Over the last 12 months the average house price in Solihull has risen by 11% from £264,950 to £295,000 with the biggest individual rise of 20% in three bedroom houses. The majority of these in Solihull are semidetached homes which offer good scope for extending as they are generally on large plots. The average prices for different types of homes in the Solihull area is as follows:

  • Detached – £555,298
  • Semidetached – £293,720
  • Terraced – £247,661, and
  • Flats – £187,128

In our last briefing on house prices we said that the cost of moving from a semidetached house was in the order of £12,000 and that is still the case, The gap in price to a detached property is in the order of £260,000, which if you have it is fine; if you don’t there are also increases in mortgage repayments, which strengthen the arguments in favour of extending